Cadillac Brand Engagement

The Goal:
Create a New York based kick-off experience for all internal and external members of the Cadillac team including agencies, media partnerships and suppliers that utilizes product engagement as the focal point.

The Challenge:
Develop a rich product experience in a large metropolitan area that will leave a strong imprint on a group that is unfamiliar with Cadillac.

EventLink Execution:
New York City as the backdrop provides many challenges in development of a set of driving experiences. With EventLink’s extensive experience in dynamic drive planning, we successfully created a “curriculum of learning” that included all the driving route planning and oversight, management and scheduling of the vehicles, learning lab development and general event management for the entire effort. All Cadillac vehicles were included in he activities that were categorized as Performance, SUV/Crossover and Sedan. We handled all drive route development and destination management logistics for all participants.